What does cash is king really mean

What Does Cash Is King Mean?

What does cash is king really mean? Are you struggling with this question and how you can manage your debts like student loans? Then this post is for you.

What Does Cash Is King Mean?

Handling trainee loan debt is difficult. You’re probably no complete stranger to the student loan crisis we’re dealing with, as Americans now owe an amazing $1.3 trillion (and growing) in student loan debt more than all our charge card debt and even our auto loan.

7 in 10 university students left school with loans in 2016, balancing a massive $37,172 in student debt. In reality, according to the Federal Reserve Board Study of Customer Financial resources, practically 19% of customers owe $50,000 or above.

Student loans

For some, trainee loans are a necessary problem throughout college that results in a much better paying job in the field of their option. To others, student loans may have felt like free cash in a sense, or simply something to deal with after graduation.

Settling Student Loans

Read on to find out 15 methods for settling student loans. Before you surrender, understand that you can handle your student loans in a smarter way, pay them off faster and more affordable, and live a debt-free life.

Here are some ways to deal with trainee loan debt: depending on your loan type, your lending institution may approve a grace duration after graduation where you do not need to make any payments towards your loan.


If you still have the high-end of a grace period, now is the time to fully comprehend your loans, make a game plan, and, if possible, begin making the payments you’d normally be making anyways.

Cash Is King; What Does It Really Mean?

For example, if your loan payment is going to be $250 monthly after a six-month grace duration expiry, start paying that amount now. Even if your grace duration is long gone, the first step in dealing with your trainee loans is to really comprehend what you’re handling.

It’s easy to turn your brain off, make your minimum payment, and not provide it another thought. However, to really make an effect, you are required to know how your loan works.

Nevertheless, for starters, check the National Trainee Loan Data System to discover any federal loans. However, to check what you owe private lending institutions, contact them directly.

Facts About Students Loans

Some loans provide the opportunity to change to an income-based payment plan based on what you’re earning. If you’re not able to make your payments at all, you can make an application for a short-lived deferment. But, if you’re dealing with numerous loans, which is often the case, then attempt to first tackle the loan with the highest interest rates.

Although, you might have the alternative of choosing a better payment plan, such as Income-Based Repayment or Pay-As-You-Earn. These choices give you more options based on your existing earnings.

Nevertheless, you may also wish to check out student loan consolidation if you are having problems keeping an eye on several loans simultaneously.

How To Manage Your Cash

There are several ways in managing cash and here are some listed below:

  • Avoid concert tickets
  • Expensive suppers, and pricey bar tabs in favor of complimentary things to do with friends
  • While you may need some dressier clothes for work, try not to overdo it.
  • Invest in a few pieces of versatile, good-quality clothing and continue to dress on the cheap outside the workplace.
  • Restrict your driving by benefiting from mass transit, carpooling, preparing efficient paths, and strolling or cycling whenever you can.

Cut other costs whenever possible, and find methods to save cash that works for you. It does not need to be ramen and canned tuna, however, cook at home whenever possible rather than eating out.

The Single Strategy To Manage Cash

When you understand what your payment is going to be, develop your month-to-month spending plan, and stick to it. However, when you’re making your spending plan, try to trim anything you can do without and put that additional money towards your financial obligation.

What does cash is king really mean?

Trainee loans may not be the only debt you accrued while in college according to Debt.org. Don’t ignore your charge card debt while handling your student loans. As soon as you lay out what you’re paying in interest on a monthly basis, you can make the finest technique for dealing with your financial obligation.

What Does Cash Is King Mean? and managing cash

There are some methods to make more cash. But, if you’re currently employed, try to work out a bigger salary or promotion. Can you take on more duties at your task to earn more? pursue opportunities for overtime or extra shifts. Request tasks with higher paying wages. And you can start your own side business based on your interests.

Take advantage of the sharing economy: Try driving for Uber or Lyft, renting your house on Airbnb when you’re away for the weekend, or pet sitting and pet walking with a service like Rover.

Offer your services: Do you play a musical instrument? Start giving lessons. Know a subject within and out? Let individuals understand you’re available as a tutor. Once tax season rolls around, don’t forget to subtract your trainee loan interest. You can save on any interest you have actually spent for that tax year.

Repaying Student Loans

It may not make a big difference, but every little bit assists. The primary point of getting that ridiculously priced degree was a task, right? So why not get a job that assists lower your debt while still making an income?

In an effort to bring in the very best skill, some companies are now assisting with student loan payments as a basic workplace advantage. Although if you operate in a public service profession, a not-for-profit company or in city or government, for instance, you can usually get loan forgiveness after paying for 10 consecutive years.

Loan Forgiveness

Sometimes, loan forgiveness is offered within a certain location, such as a low-income area or rural community, which is lacking a specific occupation.

Remember a lot of these opportunities include numerous requirements and terms. You might need to sign an agreement to work for a designated amount of time or reside in a certain area.

Finally, if you do not complete your agreement, you might be asked to return any student loan assistance you have gotten or not get that help at all.

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