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Welcome to Allentown Pennsylvania.

Welcome, this is our home page for Allentown Pennsylvania which is a city with many attributes.

Sometimes called ‘the most liveable city in America’ Allentown Pennsylvania is with out a doubt a must visit.

And for all of you who are looking for a new place to live or a business opportunity with potential, this is where it’s at! It has been said that Allentown is one of the most diverse cities in America due to its strong connection between cultures and beliefs. Residents come from over 120 different countries and speak over 100 languages! That combined with access to a diverse range of employment opportunities and an incredible selection of recreational activities makes Allentown so great. You can go out on Friday night for pizza and scopes (Pizza Hut) while Saturday morning might be spent at Liberty Bell Park playing some soccer before heading off art museum touring Downtown Allentown for some.

  • Allentown’s beauty comes from its vast array of historic homes and houses, commercial structures, and centuries old industrial buildings that have been modernized into apartments and lofts.
  • The closed mills in Allentown are being converted by architects for new ventures.
  • Allentown residents can travel to New York City or Philadelphia in about two hours.
  • Allentown has many recreational activities and opportunities for employment that make the city so great.
  • Living in Allentown affords you with access to a diverse range of careers, cultural events, dining options, recreation and entertainment.

It’s also home to two prestigious colleges, Lehigh University and Muhlenberg College, which offer a variety of degrees for students at any stage of life!

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The cost of living is likewise tied to income, as salary levels in a geographical location are measured against these expenses. An expense of living index allows you to directly compare what it costs to reside in one location against another, helping you comprehend how far your cash can enter each place.

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Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley have their share of custom-made, traditions and laws that could appear unusual to those visiting or making a relocation here. Beginners may not comprehend why costumed children are ringing their doorbell on a day in October that’s not Halloween. Or when they shop, how come some products are taxed and others aren’t? We get it.

And each area likewise has its distinctions. Pennsylvania is basically divided into six locations: northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, south-central and north-central. Of course, south-central Pennsylvanians refer to the location as “central PA” or the “Midstate.” Yes, it’s confusing. The following is a list of the strange, eccentric, weird, and unexpected in the shop for the inexperienced.

Though there’s no genuine difference between how states and commonwealths operate in the United States – Allentown pa. The term is implied to denote a concentrate on the typical well-being for all citizens.

Whatever you call it, Pennsylvania is made up of boroughs, townships, counties, and cities. There are 59 cities, consisting of Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown in the Lehigh Valley, all run under a mayor and city government. There is a lot more information here and you are welcome to look around our home pages and guide.

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Districts are usually smaller than cities however likewise have city government structures. These municipalities offer more power to their councils than mayors, who serve as tie-breakers on council votes but otherwise simply manage law enforcement. There are another 1,546 areas, including such municipalities as Allen, Bethlehem, Forks, Lower Mount Bethel, Upper Mount Bethel, Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lehigh, Plainfield Palmer, Upper Nazareth, Upper Macungie, Macungie, Lower Macungie, Upper Milford, Whitehall, Lower Saucon, Upper Saucon and Washington in the Lehigh Valley.

Supervisors or commissioners make all decisions in these municipalities. The only bundled town is Bloomsburg, according to, our sister website. It has both a council and a mayor, who is a regular ballot member of the council. Nevertheless, McCandless embraced a home rule charter that identifies the location as a town, though it was included as a town in 1857. In addition to federal and state taxes, Pennsylvanians should pay local earned earnings tax and regional services tax annually to the municipality where they live.

Nevertheless, rates can vary depending on the town and school district. Workers can figure out their keeping tax rates and political subdivision (PSD) code here by a tool offered by the Department of Community and Economic Advancement. The huge three hot-dog joints in the Lehigh Valley– Yocco’s, Pott’s, and Jimmy’s– have been the topic of lots of late-night arguments.

Allentown Can Be Fun For Anyone

Yocco’s is Allentown’s leading dog while Bethlehem tends to choose Pott’s. Easton is Jimmy’s area. And after that, there are about a lot of others that sometimes sneak into the argument. In spite of sitting throughout the Delaware River in New Jersey, the town of Phillipsburg has a lot more in typical with its neighbors on the other side of the river than with the majority of New Jersey.

We share a rich industrial history. We both do not like being identified as remote suburbs of Philadelphia or New York City. And the Phillipsburg-Easton competition is arguably one of the best in the country. Members of a Nazareth Moravian Church group yearly mix, stir, and position countless hand-crafted mints into boxes in anticipation of Easter.

In March 2012, it likewise benefited the repair of a historic organ in the church. The Easton Phillipsburg Toll Bridge is a bridge that carries U.S. Route 22 over the Delaware River (Allentown PA). The bridge is between Easton, Pennsylvania, and Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Drivers can pay with money or E-ZPass at the toll plaza.